Legacy Players e-mail outreach complete!

We’ve just completed sending out messages to former players (or parents of players) of Res Interactive’s Tootsville.

If you’re one of those legacy players — welcome back!

In all, we sent out 5,743 outreach e-mails, and (so far) received 4 requests to remove people from our mailing-list. There’s no guarantee that any of those other 5,739 people actually read our message ☺ but we hope we did brighten a few people’s days.

We sent out the messages “slowly,” over a period of days, to make sure our support volunteers wouldn’t be overwhelmed — but, it turns out, we have received very few (and very polite, in each case!) requests to remove people from our list.

Of course, our “Reserving your Toot character names” option will stay open until normal registrations are up and running reliably, so please do spread the word to your family and friends who may be interested.

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