“Tootsville” is a fun, multi-player game that takes place on the magical island of Tootanga, where the colorful elephant Toots have their homes. All ages can join in the fun (under 13 requires parental permission) and build homes, explore the game world, go on adventures, and make new friends.

The Tootsville game program uses advanced web browser technology, so there’s no program to download or install. Just sign in and you can be playing the game in a few minutes. (You will need a computer or device that has certain minimum features.)

There’s a lot to explore. You can have fun just learning about the game world while you play, or visit our Wiki-Wiki to read all about the history, places, and famous Toots.

This game is under development. Many features do not yet work. Read this notice for details.

Find Out More

The Wiki-Wiki is our on-line manual, and we hope it contains all the information you’re looking for, including technical support.

News and other information are posted here, on Tootsbook, and can be seen also on social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr.

It’s Actually Free!

Playing Tootsville is actually free. The game program, servers, Wiki-Wiki, Tootsbook, and all the content you see are created by volunteers working on behalf of the Corporation for Inter-World Tourism and Adventuring, a not-for-profit corporation. We also do not incorporate direct advertising into the game or the web sites that we have built, but we may allow sponsorship of some content in future. We do have merchandise that supports the development effort.

Isn’t there a subscription? What about “VIT members?”

Four previous versions of Tootsville were created by Res Interactive, LLC, a company that is no longer in business. Those games recommended paying a subscription fee to obtain access to some of the features; the current game has no such limitations.

Important Documents

Our Core Pages are the “constitution” of Tootsville. You should review these pages before you play, or if you have any questions about how we operate.