New Test Release 0.6.14

The new test release features some changes that won’t be immediately visible, but lay the groundwork for future world-building. As usual, it’s available immediately at

  • The mobile device interface is hidden until you sign in.
  • Items in the game world can be linked to downloadable assets for players.
  • Shop items can be purchased for a price.
  • Items in the world can be removed or updated on the fly.
  • The web browser console messages have begun to be enhanced with styling.
  • The bug report icon now has a built-in service to eMail directly.
  • Operators can gift items to players
  • Quitting the game now flows more smoothly.
  • Operators now can review chat history and monitor the high-water-mark of the most simultaneous users online. There is also a journal for staff members to record into.
  • In the New Toot window, the color and pattern selector pop-ups are improved.
  • Items in the world now can be colored by the designers.
  • Parents are not re-prompted if a child already has permission to play.
  • Items in the world can be a “v-item,” so players can pick up a copy of it. This is somewhat like a no-cost shop item.
  • If players wander out of the defined game area, they’ll see the Mist that covers the unexplored lands of Tootanga.
  • Operators can block Internet addresses from playing, in case of malicious users.
  • Adding a contact or ignoring a user are possible from a Player Card. The Player Card will update based on the available actions. Users can also be removed from contacts or paid attention to.
  • After earning peanuts from an event, like a fountain, or spending peanuts, like a shop item, the wallet counter will update.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some child sign-ins.

Developer documentation is online at

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