Reserving your Toot character names

Calling all Legacy players!

If you used to have a Toot character in Res Interactive’s Tootsville game, reserve your old Toot name now!

We did recover a couple of thousand Toot names in various ways, but we do not have the Res Interactive databases. (We think that they were unintentionally destroyed when that company was shut down).

If you fill out this form, we’ll reserve your name for you.

If you aren’t 13 years or older, have your parent or guardian fill out the form with you. Thanks!A classic Tootsville III character with a Pivitz iconReady? Here’s the form:

That’s all there is to it!

— updated 14 November with the following frequently-asked questions:

What if I’m new?

That’s cool, too. Welcome to Tootsville!

If the Toot name you want hasn’t been reserved by anyone else, you can reserve it right now. You’ll be one of the first new players in the new game.

What if my old name isn’t available?

First, check out the rules of what is allowed in a Toot name. For example, you can use hyphens, but not spaces, and you can’t put numbers at the beginning. These rules may be a little bit different than they used to be.

If more than one person asks for the same name, one of our volunteers will contact you. We ask that new players, please allow the legacy players “first pick” of their old names.

In the end, our staff will work with you to pick a name you like. You can text or e-mail for assistance — text (in the US or Canada) 954-324-4739 or e-mail and someone will usually respond fairly quickly.

(Text messages may be billed by your phone carrier at your usual rate. We can also answer voice mails, but that will take longer. We’re volunteers here … !)

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