Legacy Players Mail

We have obtained a list of many of the e-mail addresses of parents who requested news and information e-mails from It’s uncertain exactly when this list was made, but it seems to date from around August or September of 2009.

This list has the e-mail addresses of parents who ticked the option “please send me news and updates by e-mail” when they logged in to around that time.

Beginning now, and running through Friday, we’ll be reaching out to them with a message like the following.

Hopefully, this will let our legacy players reserve their Toot names now, and maybe find some old friends who haven’t heard about the new game yet.

Update: there were 5,750 addresses in the list. Naturally, we assume that a lot of those are “no good” after 7 years’ time, but this should help to “get the word out.”

And, naturally, if you’re still in touch with any legacy players, feel free to share with them the reservation link so that they can reserve their old names, as well.

Also, the first few e-mails sent out were missing the Social Media links, so some (less than 100) mails had been sent out before they were added.

The estimated time of completion (sending out the last messages) is around 1pm on Friday. The messages are going out in approximately alphabetical order by e-mail address.

From: Tootsville Announcement Robot (no reply)
Subject: Ⓣ Tootsville returns: reserve your free Toot name

Long ago, you signed up for news about Tootsville. We want you to know — It’s coming back!

Tootsville.ORG is going to be new, free, all-ages game, a follow-up to the Tootsville.COM you remember.

Did we mention it’s free? — actually, really, truly free, with nothing to buy — no in-game advertisements, no subscriptions, no paying for upgrades, and no in-game purchases of any kind.

The new game will still be a non-violent, creative virtual world, but we’re welcoming activities for adults and teens, as well as kids. Your whole family can play, build, and explore together.

Reserve your Toot’s name

Before we even go on-line, you can reserve your Toot’s name in the new game.

Find out More

There are more adventures in store. Check out the new site to read all about it!

Our new web site is at

The new ORG name shows that we’re now a not-for-profit ORGanization, not a COMmercial company.

Some quick facts that might interest you:

  • Tootsville will remain free for everyone, maintained by volunteers who write the computer programs, contribute art and music, curate books and movies, and help players within the game world.
  • You can read about the new game on our Wiki-Wiki
  • We have news and blogs on our Tootsbook news feed
  • The game itself will work on most PC’s, laptops, and tablet computers, right in your web browser, without any plug-ins (not even Adobe Flash). We recommend Mozilla Firefox, but we expect it to play well in Google Chrome, Amazon Silk, Apple Safari, and others.
  • Players under the age of 13 will require parental approval to play.
  • Reading & writing (typing) skills will still be needed, so we recommend the game for ages 9+

If you want to know more, you can always contact our all-volunteer team at as well

Let’s Make Some Noise!

PS — check us out and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ —
Here are our Social Media pages for you to Like or Follow.

What happened to

The company who helped create — Res Interactive, LLC — was shut down several years ago. When it was clear that this was going to happen, some of the former staff and players began working on rebuilding.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get most of the game data or player records, which we believe were accidentally destroyed when the company went out of business.

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