New Test Release 0.6.13

A few new features are on the test servers now.

Visit to playtest.

Clicking on the Magic Fountains like the one in the center of Toot Square can earn you peanuts if you make a wish, but only once per day.

New Toots are now randomly generated. The New Toot process has been made more responsive. Toot colors are updated more quickly and patterns reflect the selected colors.

The Development page has been updated.

The front page of now links to the test server.

When setting up a child sign-in code, invalid child sign-in codes will appear in red.

The Calendar app has been improved.

“Ghost” avatars will not appear for users who are not nearby.

The Contacts app in your mobile device has been improved. You can now see when your Contacts are online and view their Player Card by tapping their name.

Music playback is set by the area in which you’re standing. The music credits now appear in the top area, so they don’t get in the way of the talk box. Over 100 songs have been added to the game’s library, with more on the way soon.

A “News” app has been added to your mobile device. It shows the latest story from Tootsbook.

The Map app has been added to your mobile device. A crosshair shows your current position on the Isle of Tootanga.

We are now planning for an Alpha release later in 2021. Work is progressing toward that goal.

Have fun!

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