Violet Volts Incorporation News

Here’s the brief news on the latest from the conversion of Violet Volts from an informal association/club into a “proper” nonprofit corporation:

  • The effective date of the change will be around the New Year, probably within the first week or two of 2018.
  • Our current Benevolent Dictator is paying the initial costs.
    • We’ll need to have a certain amount of fundraising on an ongoing basis, although sales of merchandise will continue to be one source.
    • There’s another idea being discussed that may wait for the first Cadre meeting in January to be decided, or may be put out for an opinion poll.
  • The new corporation name has been chosen, but we’re keeping it a secret for now. ☺ It’s not going to be “Violet Volts,” any more, though.
  • Tootsville and everything related to it will be managed by the new organization (corporation).
  • The official management body will be the Cadre, like a board of directors.
    • One of the four general offices in the Cadre (for now; possibly more in future) will be elected by the players each year, starting in 2020. Until then, all of the Cadre members will be appointees. Nominations are open for these Cadre appointments. The duties of the Cadre are being laid out.
    • Our current Benevolent Dictator will continue as the Operations Manager and Chief Engineer for the time being.
  • We’re writing up the Charter (Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws), designing a logo for the company, and preparing some of the other things that we need (PO Box, bank account, stuff like that).
  • Cadre Nominations will remain open until Friday, 8 December, 2017, unless all seats are filled before then.

Server upgrades today (Planned Outage)

The underlying operating system on the servers that host Tootsville, Tootsbook, the Wiki-Wiki, and everything related are going to be upgraded today. This will mean that there will be about a two-hour window that we’ll be off-line.

We don’t yet have a “high availability” set-up because we’re still testing things, so during that time we’ll be totally off-line.

The last server reboot was 571 days ago, so this isn’t exactly a frequent thing!

Parent authorization by SMS?

For discussion by the community — please reply on Tootsbook!

The new login system for children (ages under 13) requires a parental authorization using the parent’s (age 18+) Google account. (Facebook accounts will likely be supported soon, as well, but there have been some pain points there.)

The current design works like this: Your child enters their Toot character name, and then chooses a “password” made up of several symbols. Perhaps: Elephant, 3, Carrot. Once they’ve requested a sign-in, an e-mail message is sent to the parent’s account, with several links allowing the parents to approve an amount of play time; they can just click a link on their PC or smart phone to authorize 1, 2, or 3 hours, or go to the web page and enter in a different amount of time. In the mean time, the child can watch some short, kid-friendly movies from and the like while they wait.

To send and receive SMS (mobile text) messages, in addition to allowing this e-mail/web system, we can pretty easily do something similar. Imagine receiving a text message like: "Catvlle" wants to play now.
Send NO to deny, or number of hours to allow.
HELP for help; STOP to remove your number.

Naturally, we would require parents to opt-in and “claim” their mobile number first … To confirm your mobile number,
sign in and enter this code: XYZ42
- or visit

The downside of this feature is that each text message will cost us about a penny (1¢ / USD$.01), on average, to US numbers, and sometimes a bit more overseas.

We’ve been strongly promoting the “nothing to buy” and “Really Free” aspect of, and I don’t want to seem sneaky or underhanded about offering this as a sort of premium service; but, I also don’t want to run up a $1,000 “phone” bill that way.

If we offered the SMS service as a “premium” feature, do you think that would violate our “nothing to buy” and “Really Free” promises? That is, the basic e-mail-based access will be (forever) completely free, but if someone wants to subscribe to the SMS service for a small, additional monthly fee — I would expect this to be something like a $1-2/month, $10-20/year kind of cost for players in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, etc., and maybe a bit more in some countries — would that be acceptable? If so, how do we communicate effectively that this fee is just to cover the additional costs of the SMS feature?

Needless to say, there are expenses of running a project like this, and no actual source of income. We’ve already discussed and agreed that sales of merchandise to support the project will be acceptable, and some day in future plan to organize a

This isn’t happening very soon, if at all, but it is something about which I’d like some public feedback and discussion before putting in any more work on it.

I look forward to hearing your opinions … (~BRFP, Benevolent Dictator)