New test release 0.6.11

A new playtest release is on tonight.

This is client (web application) version 0.6.12 and server version 0.6.11.

Players can now sign in using Yahoo! in addition to Google (Gmail) and Twitter. The login process is also stricter in checking for forged credentials for improved security.

Physical collision detection (between players or furniture objects) has been massively improved. Walking will now bring you close to an obstacle before stopping.

We’ve improved the handling of poor or dropped network connections.

Your volume selection will be remembered between visits on the same computer.

Walking between areas should be more seamless, but there’s still more work to be done. You’ll notice a “popping” effect when you move from one area of the world to another.

Minimal text filtering is in place with upcoming support for detecting nearby sensitive players or children and applying stricter filtering. Try typing “(T)” in your dialog to insert the Tootsville circled-T logo!

Partial support for adding contacts to your mobile device are in place; contact controls appear on the player card of any other player or NPC that you click on, and your contacts app on your Tootnix Mobile will show added contacts. There are still many bugs with adding contacts, however.

Back-end updates that are not visible to players include unseen updates to non-player characters and terrain generation logic.

We’ve also purchased and converted over 1,000 new 3D art assets that will appear in the game, such as trees, flowers, park benches, and much more.

The previously “secret” ~credits command can now be accessed from the control panel (circled T menu) and contains a link to the full credits in the manual.

Using Control+N and Control+P or the up and down arrow keys while typing in the talk box allow you to review the previous dialog you’ve spoken so you can repeat yourself more easily.

Speech balloons from multiple players will avoid overlapping one another, and even reduce in font size when things get crowded.

Child logins have been made more secure by using an improved mechanism to generate the “apple” used in password exchange.

Name tags and speech balloons will more smoothly follow the Toot to which they are connected.

A bug in version 0.6.10 and 0.6.11 of the client had Toots facing backwards all the time. This has been corrected.

A debugging aid, a 3D scene inspector, has been added into the client.

Server error messages may be returned to the user to help them report a bug. This may be revisited in the future, but for now, users can copy and paste the error messages from the server into support emails to assist us in supporting them.

The documentation has been updated, corrected, and expanded. Over 30 pages of new and expanded material has been added.

Plus, numerous other incremental improvements!

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