New test release 0.6.12

A new test release is up on

Adding users to Contacts should now be fully functional.

Terrain generation should be functional for grassland and forest areas.

The “talk bar” changes color when children or sensitive players are nearby.

Users are warned before leaving the page to prevent accidentally quitting the game by clicking “back” or “reload” (for example).

Volume settings should apply to the trumpeting sounds of Toots speaking as well as the background music.

A “cache breaker” helps prevent users’ web browser caches from loading older versions of the software when new versions are released.

The client reports its version to the server during sign-in.

When the browser takes a long time to load the game, a warning dialog appears; this now will be hidden if loading completes successfully.

Errors while registering a new Toot character have been ironed out, including failures when attempting to use the color red for any body part or the hearts pattern.

Error messages for dropped connections have been made more clear, including detecting if the browser has gone off-line.

Name tags and speech balloons should track the player characters more fluidly.

Walking with cursor keys takes a longer “step.”

Server WebSocket low-level code has been cleaned up.

The credits have been updated to include a link to the asset credits in the manual.

Toot Square has been moved to its permanent home location.

Miscellaneous operator commands have been improved.

Miscellaneous other small changes.

Developer documentation has been updated at

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