The New Colors of Tootsville

The artists have decided! You probably have noticed that the new Tootsville art uses some colors all the time. Well, these colors — based on the iconic Toot characters’ colors — have been “nailed down.”

tootsville-paletteThe colors’ “official” names are as follows:

  • Silver, Charcoal
  • White, Black
  • Deep Purple, Yellow, Pink, Turquoise, Periwinkle
  • Violet, Gold, Burgundy, Green, Cyan
  • Lavender, Tan, Red, Spring Green, Indigo
  • Orange

As you can see, the middle row are the same ones used in the TOOTS and TOOTSVILLE logos, as well.

At the bottom, you see our two official typefaces (fonts) as well: Acme, and Cantarell.

For new Toots, we updated the color choices to match. Base (skin), pad (hand/foot/trunk) and pattern colors will come from this palette:

toots-paletteReminder: if you haven’t yet reserved your Toot name, you can pick your colors and pattern when you do.

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