Volunteering Highlight: Integration Test Engineers

Integration Test Engineers build and observe tests to make sure everything is working as it should.

Tootsville.org is being built entirely by volunteers. Volunteering Highlight is a bi-weekly column where we explore some of the things that volunteers can do to help with Violet Volts, the project that produces Tootsville.

When we say that we “test” Tootsville, what does that mean to you?

There are two main kinds of tests that we perform regularly. The Unit Tests are tiny programs that check out each part of our game software to make sure it’s doing its job on its own. The Integration Tests are more like play-testing: these tests actually do things that real people would do, to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

We’re developing a system that will be running these integration tests all the time, using all kinds of different web browsers and devices. Our Integration Test Engineers use a little know-how about World-Wide Web technology — like HTML — and a special “script” system to develop tests that will check out not only the game itself, but also things like Tootsbook and the Wiki-Wiki.

If you know a little about HTML and web pages and would like to learn how to help, we can always use more volunteers!

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