Release 0.6.6

Release 0.6.6 is up on the playtest server, with new features:

  • Places on the ground, like pavement, are down being drawn
  • New Toots won’t start behind the Toot Square Fountain when they materialize for the first time
  • Documentation improvements

Today’s Easter Egg tip: Try saying ~d20 to roll a 20-sided die.

Next release will be 0.6.7. Planned features:

  • email-based parent approval messages
  • music based upon location
  • sound for Toots speaking
  • better keyboard controls / function keys
  • player cards display improvements
  • building-blocks for user houses (not user-visible)

I just feel like pointing out that for 12 years one of our mottos has been “Let’s Make Some Noise!” and with release 0.6.7, for the first time, your Toots will actually make noise.

While it often feels like we’re playing catch-up, rebuilding things that were here before, this is one of many things that’s actually all-new in Tootsville V.

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