Release 0.6.5

Release 0.6.5 went up on the playtest servers

  • UltraToot avatar now accepts patterns
  • Pattern picker improvements in the New Toot flow
  • New and improved Toot Square fountain art
  • Toot positions are saved at logout
  • General improvements in login/logout process
  • Lots of improved developer documentation (uploaded to Goethe as well, )
  • Child logins work with parent approval through the game site (only, not via email, sms, &c)
  • Speech balloons are positioned correctly even as a Toot recedes into the distance or approaches the “camera” closely
  • Whisper, Talk, or Shout menu works
  • Emoji menu works
  • Basic Player Cards display
  • Camera App on Tootnix takes pictures in the game
  • New Toots can be created with Child Code already set (and won’t sign in the parent as the child when doing so)
  • Toot List (login screen) allows the notes on Toots to be edited
  • Fixes to mouse clicks — misplaced clicks in pop-ups don’t go through to the game screen and make the Toot run like crazy
  • Misc. Builder Toot commands

Goals for 0.6.6:

  • “Places” on the ground like cobblestones or grass
  • New Toots should not start behind the Fountain, it’s confusing to new players not to spot their Toot immediately
  • Misc bug fixes

Since you’re reading these development posts, here’s a secret: “say” ,credits (with the comma in front) for credits of the Tootsville teams over the years.

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