Volunteering Highlight: Curators

Curators help us find and incorporate movies, music, and books into the world of Tootsville.

Tootsville.org is being built entirely by volunteers. Volunteering Highlight is a weekly column where we explore some of the things that volunteers can do to help with Violet Volts, the project that produces Tootsville.

trouble-shooting-iconViolet Volts isn’t a company, or even very organized. If you want to help build the new Tootsville, there’s a job for you!

This week we’re looking at Curation. There are all kinds of places within Tootsville where we need quality music, movies, and books. In order to use them in the game, they have to be in the public domain, or have a license like CC-SA-BY that allows us to use them.

Luckily, there are a lot of things out there to choose from. The Creative Commons project, Project Gutenberg, and other organizations collect and label creative works that we can re-use in the game.

But first, someone has to go out and find them all! As a Curator, you’ll look through these archives of media and find the ones that we’re allowed to use. You’ll also tag the ones that are kid-friendly … or adults-only.

Collaborating with other Curators, you can update our database of available creative works (right now, that means copying some information into a special form). Later, you’ll see the books you had proof-read appear in the T University Library, or a movie you had screened playing in the cinema just west of Toot Square!

Curators are just one of the volunteer tasks that don’t require lots of special skills, but really help make the world of Tootsville more vibrant and interesting.

Contact us today if you’d like to get started! Or, come back next Friday and learn about another opportunity to volunteer in Tootsville.

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