“Jumbo” asset server wiped out

The assets server — the computer that stores the art, music, and other files that don’t change often for Tootsville.org — was destroyed in what we assume to be some kind of accident with our hosting service.

All other work (including tonight’s scheduled messaging system test) will have to be put on hold while we attempt to recover from backups.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that we’ll have difficulty rebuilding this and it will delay development, as we don’t have a current backup of that server.

Note: This affects everything, including the logos on our web sites, background music, the test game server, even some parts of Tootsbook and the Wiki-Wiki may be missing images or icons, sounds, or appear in the wrong typeface. It may be a few days before things look right, again.

One thought on ““Jumbo” asset server wiped out

  1. Violet Volts Team 24 March, 2017 at 18:08

    Some of the more crucial assets have been restored now, but others — like the theme song, and the infamous “oh, Fiddlesticks” screen — are still missing. Still working on it.

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