Volunteering Highlight: Bloggers

Bloggers help keep everyone informed about the changes and updates in Tootsville.

Tootsville.org is being built entirely by volunteers. Volunteering Highlight is a bi-weekly column where we explore some of the things that volunteers can do to help with Violet Volts, the project that produces Tootsville.

These blogs don’t write themselves ☺

You might have noticed that Tootsbook has stories about Tootsville itself, and sometimes other interesting stories from “the world at large.” But did you know, you could be one of our bloggers?

The Violet Volts volunteers are looking for a few good bloggers to keep everyone informed about the process of bringing back Tootsville. We use the rather popular WordPress platform, so it’s easy to learn how to compose articles, and your writing will be seen as well on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ pages.

Plus, if you’re in school, you might be able to get some extra credit for your journalistic efforts — check with your Composition, English, or Journalism instructor to find out.

We’re looking for writers who can tackle topics like:

  • The Violet Volts project
  • The Tootsville game software
  • Events that are happening within the game
  • Real world news about education, diversity, the arts, and other topics of interest

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