Volunteering Highlight: Musicians

Musicians can contribute their performances to Tootsville, whether original or remixed.

Tootsville.org is being built entirely by volunteers. Volunteering Highlight is a bi-weekly column where we explore some of the things that volunteers can do to help with Violet Volts, the project that produces Tootsville.

Tootsville’s tagline has always been, “Let’s Make Some Noise!” The music in Tootsville is drawn almost entirely from sources in the Creative Commons and public domain. This includes classical music and other contemporary sources who have released their works for remixing.

If you’re a composer, or create remixed works under a Creative Commons license, your music can appear in Tootsville, too!

One important thing to remember when finding Creative Commons works that you can remix for Tootsville: we cannot accept any contributions that don’t allow for further remixing (no “CC-ND” licensing). That’s because playing music within a video game is considered a form of remixing (called “synchronization”) itself. That means, if you’re remixing other people’s music, you can not use any sources that have a “ND” (“no derivatives”) option, either. This option appears as a circled “equals” sign on the Creative Commons license badge, like this: Creative Commons Licence

We’ll be running a special contest asking musicians to record their own performances of the “Let’s Make Some Noise!” theme song in 2017, as well — so you might want to start thinking about that! Here’s the original version, to refresh your memory:

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