The Magic of Tootsville

In the Isles of Adventure is the Island of Tootanga, where we find Tootsville and the Toots.

You probably know that Tootsville was built of magic. But you might not understand how that magic works.

If Wishes Were Peanuts

The magic of Tootsville is made up of wishes come true. But wishes alone can’t do anything: you have to do something to make your wishes come true. That’s where the adventures come in!

The Tootangan Wish Mist clouds the Isles of Adventure. Beyond the Mist, no one can travel. But, it’s also this Wish Mist that brings you from Earth to Tootsville!

The Mist Parrots help you cross back and forth. They’re the only creatures who can safely navigate through the Mist. Their names are Nick and Jodie.

Once you reach Tootanga, you’ll find that there are many Wishing Fountains — or Wishing Ponds or Wishing Wells — throughout the land. Most of them are near towns and villages, like the one in Toot Square. That’s the one where Zap wished for peanuts, and discovered the magic of wishes. You, too, can visit a fountain and make  a wish, and you’ll get peanuts, too!

Peanuts are a way that you can save up the power of wishes and use them later. They have two purposes in Tootsville.

You can use peanuts like humans use money. Toots’ shops all over Tootanga will accept peanuts as money.

You can also use peanuts to power magic items as well.

Shade and the Evil Mayor

Tootsville fell on hard times back in 2012 and nobody could register a new account. Sometimes, players couldn’t even sign in. The Mayor and other Toots seemed to have disappeared!

Without the players’ wish magic to fight them off, Shade managed to create the Evil mayor, who looked like a Toot but was actually stuffed with straw and smoke. Using the Evil mayor, Shade finally was able to turn off the Toot Square Wishing Well fountain using controls that the Troops had hidden in a Secret Troops Bunker. Smudge poisoned each of the wells, and bit by bit, Tootanga turned into a barren wasteland of purple volcanic sand.

All hope seemed lost, but Codfish Howie and Catvlle, among the last of the Toots who had not vanished into dust, were able to bring the Basic 8 together in the Secret Troops Bunker. They turned the fountain back on and together wished for Shade to be trapped in Shaddow Falls.

It was a victory, and the Evil mayor collapsed as Shade was banished into the Shaddow Zone, hopefully forever. But it was too late for Tootsville.

Rebuilding Tootsville

The new Tootsville is being built back up the same way as the old one was: one wish at a time. The Builder Toots are hard at work putting together The Hillside and Toot Square first.

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