system work-in-progress

Technical progress is being made, slowly.

We are building Tootsville V using several cutting-edge technologies. Two of these are JSCL and the Gossipnet.

JSCL is a compiler: It’s a program that converts from a “source code” language that human programmers can work with into the “machine code” form that computers can read. In this case, we’re converting from the Common Lisp language, a highly advanced computer language known for being very powerful, into the JavaScript code that your web browser can interpret.

Dr. RAdm. Grace Hopper invented Compilers in 1952. Without her invention, programming a video game would be almost impossible.  Learn more…

The Gossipnet is a type of networking that we are using. It works a lot like the way rumors are spread by gossip. Each computer shares information with several others, until everyone knows the information that they need. When you play Tootsville, the Gossip Mice represent this network from within the game.

These two pieces of technology are so new that it takes a little extra work to put things together right. We are taking the extra time now to make sure that all the pieces work the way we need them to, so that we won’t have to stop the game to fix it, later.

There are other pieces that have to work together, too. There are a lot of “moving parts” in a big video game like Tootsville, and managing all of them is complicated. We use a project on GitHub to keep track of some of the programming details.

Tonight, we have put together a system that combines most of these pieces in a good way. Soon, we will have the sign-in system back up and running, and begin to add the 3D world parts on top of it.

This is a step forward, but it does not mean that you can play quite yet.

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