Magic Toots, Operators, and more

In Tootsville, there are all kinds of Toots!

Toots, as you know, are magical elephants who can use Wish Magic and live on the Island of Tootanga. Some Toots have special abilities.

The Magic Toots are the Toots who are special and famous. The Basic 8 are Magic Toots, and so are some other characters. You can meet the Magic Toots in the game all the time: they never sign off.

Other Toots are players. Some of these players have special abilities.

Operators can help you if you have problems in the game. They can use special magic to help you when you need them. If you need to contact an Operator, you can dial “0” on your mobile phone in Tootsville.

If you want to become an Operator, you can learn how to help other players. There is special training before you can get special powers.

The Troops are also helpers. They don’t have special powers, but they do things that keep Tootsville running. In the past, the Toot Troops have helped to stop monsters like the evil Shade from destroying Tootsville.

Builder Toots put the world together. They have programming skills to make new things in the world.

You can tell if someone is a Magic Toot, Operator, or Builder Toot sometimes. When you click on a Toot, you can see their Paper Doll. It will have a special badge on it to let you know.

When these special Toots speak, their speech balloons are colored. Normal Toots speak with white speech balloons.

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