The Whole New World

The new Tootsville is missing something that was in all four of the previous games: Rooms!

In the old Tootsville games, you could walk around the world one “room” at a time. Even outdoors, the world was split up into areas like rooms. You could only talk to, or interact with, Toots and other items in the same room as you.

The new game is different. There are no rooms, and no “loading” screens. As you travel around the game world, you’ll discover that Tootanga is all one, continuous map.

There’s Tootsville, near the center. Some places you might remember are there as well — Toots Cove, Big Tootoona Beach, Castillo Toot, Dino Land, and way up in the cold northern mountains, Shaddow Falls.

But there are more places, because now, instead of just using a magic compass to teleport around the world, you’ll be able to walk all the way from Greffle Point to Shaddow Falls if you wanted.

You probably wouldn’t want to actually do that, though, since it would take so long — so you’ll also be able to travel in other ways.

How big is that world? We’ll give you a hint: Tootsville itself, with Toot Square, the Mall, houses, and more — is smaller that the word “Tootsville” on the map.

Remember, though, the Mist Limit will restrict everyone’s movement for a while.

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